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62mm High Flow Throttle Body for the Pontiac Grand Am

62mm high flow throttle body information and recommendations for the Pontiac Grand Am.

What is a throttle body?

The throttle body of a vehicle is part of the air intake system. It is a unit underneath the hood containing a valve to regulate the amount of air flowing into the intake manifold.

The stock throttle body on the Pontiac Grand Am is 56mm flowing at 345cfm. A 62mm throttle body flows at the rate of 435cfm, which is a drastic difference compared to the stock throttle body.

A throttle body is highly recommended after the purchase and installation of a cat-back exhaust system in the Pontiac Grand Am. A 62mm throttle body will deliver an increase of 5+ horsepower; the 62mm high flow throttle body that Grand Dayum! recommends delivers an increase of 10+ horsepower.

62mm Throttle Body for the Pontiac Grand Am Recommendations