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Pontiac Grand Am Appearance Modifications

Appearance modification information and bodykits for the Pontiac Grand Am.

What are appearance modifications?

Appearance modifications are modifications done to a vehicle to change its looks and/or appearance. Typically, appearance modifications are done "for show" and will not imply and performance gains associated with modifying a vehicle's appearance.

The Pontiac Grand Am has an array of appearance modifications available through aftermarket products. Typical appearance modification parts for the Pontiac Grand Am include spoilers, hood scoops, rims, tires, and bodykits.

There is a handful of hood scoops available for the Pontiac Grand Am. Only two out of the entire selection available will actually push more air through the engine bay, thus increasing the performance and horsepower of the vehicle. These types of hoods available for the Grand Am are called ram-air hoods.

Appearance Modifications

Here is a list of recommended appearance modifications for the Pontiac Grand Am. For advice and brand recommendations, click on the performance modification to learn more information.

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