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Cold Air Intake (CAI) Systems for the Pontiac Grand Am

Cold Air Intake (CAI) systems, information, and recommendations for the Pontiac Grand Am.

What is a Cold Air Intake system?

Cold Air Intake, or CAI, is system inside a vehicle that draws cool air into the engine. Cold air is important to performance because cold air carries more oxygen, which is needed to support more fuel resulting in more horsepower. Cold Air Intake systems available for the Pontiac Grand Am are positioned near the driver side's front fender behind the foglight.

A Cold Air Intake system is an inexpensive way to increase the horsepower of the Pontiac Grand Am. It will add 5-10 horsepower, and is very easy to install yourself.

Recommended CAI Systems for the Pontiac Grand Am

Be careful when browsing eBay for a Cold Air Intake system for your Grand Am. Some drivers have reported "fake" (units that are more for show or sound than performance) CAI systems being sold through eBay.

Grand Dayum! recommends the below list of CAI systems for enhanced performance in your Pontiac Grand Am.

If installed properly, your Cold Air Intake system for your Grand Am should make a nice whistling sound from the air being sucked into the engine by the CAI system.