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Header and Manifolds for the Pontiac Grand Am

Header and manifold specs, information, and recommendations for the Pontiac Grand Am.

What is a header? What is a manifold?

A header and a manifold are basically the same. Headers were used on older vehicles in the late 1960's and beyond. Manifolds are what "today's" cars use.

A header/manifold is the part of a vehicle's engine that provides the air and fuel to the car's cylinders. It recieves the gas from the exhaust in one pipe.

The exhaust manifolds can fissure because of high temperature or if water drains on them. If an exhaust manifold is replaced and shortly after cracks, it can be due to a constant escape of cold water drops on the cast iron.

The exhaust manifolds are generally and traditionally the simple units of the cast iron, which gathers the exhaust of the engine and provides it in the pipe of exhaust. However, when a greater execution is required, this restrictive tube is often replaced with a header (also known as extractors in Australia), which are modified for the low restriction and the improved execution.

Header and Manifold for the Pontiac Grand Am Recommendations

It is recommended that you purchase performance upper and lower intake manifolds as well as a performance header for improved airflow infrastructure.