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What is Nitrous? What is a Nitrous kit?

Nitrous, chemically known as nitrous-oxide, is a chemical used like gasoline to power rockets.

Nitrous, as a gas, is not combustible, but delivers more oxygen into the engine allowing the engine to burn more fuel and more air, thus giving more power to the engine.

There are two types of nitrous kits available for cars, including the wet nitrous kit and the dry nitrous kit. A dry nitrous system is where fuel is released the same time as the nitrous-oxide, and will be injected by the fuel injectors. This will allow the upper intake to keep dry of fuel. Fuel is what gives the engine more power; nitrous is there to help to burn more if it.

A wet nitrous system is one in which fuel and nitrogen are injected at the same time. This system will make the pipe of upper intake wet with fuel.

Today, the majority of the nitrous kit manufacturers make wet nitrous kits because they are known to distribute air and fuel more effectively.

Pontiac Grand Am Nitrous kit Recommendations